Monday, April 5, 2010

What is {your} Paradise?

Close your eyes.  Dream of your own personal paradise.  It may be a faraway beach or a foreign land.  It may be a long ago vacation in the serene mountains or a future trip in the makings.  Use all of your 5 senses in this paradise exploration.  See the scene---the landmarks and the details.  Smell the air.  Hear the distinct and unforgettable sounds.  Feel the peace.

Now open your eyes and survey your surroundings.  What is the state of your home?  Do you feel at peace...or is there something missing?  Now close your eyes again and dream of what you want your home to be.  See the intricate details of furniture, color, and decor.  Smell the scents wafting from the kitchen or a nearby candle.  Hear the music and the laughter of loved ones.  Feel the spirit.  Feel the peace.  This is paradise.

Now open your eyes once more and make a list.  Write down everything and anything you would change about your home--whether it be physical or spiritual.  Write hastily.  Don't spend too much time.  This isn't about perfection; it's about pouring your thoughts and dreams onto paper (or computer).

When your list is done (you can add more later), write in big letters on top:
Steps to Paradise

We will explore many aspects of making our houses into homes of peace and refuge and safety.  Whenever you wish to implement or change something, just add it to your list.  And when you effectively finish an item on your list, check it off!  It will feel so good to see your progress in making your home a place you absolutely love!

*Now put a star by your single most important thing you wish to implement.  This is your charge for the week.  Work on this starred step to paradise.
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