Monday, August 9, 2010

Home Mission: Dream.

Today I offer to you {as well as me} a challenge of thrilling proportion.  Today I want you to Dream.

Let me explain...

Sometimes I get so impatient feeling a little bit cooped up in a tiny apartment with limited space, money, and just plain old ownership.  I want so badly to have a place of my very in which I can breathe into its very structures my personality, my dreams, my ideas, my life.  In short, I want to instill upon my house the essence of me which will subsequently turn it into my home.  And maybe I'm so impatient because I feel like I have been "the first" so many times in my life.  I'm the oldest daughter and hence have been first at just about everything in my family. Even among my friends, there appear to be a number of "firsts:" first married, first to have one child, first to have two children.  I used to think first was good and desirable, and even now as I see and hear about so many of my peers buying homes and having beautiful residences to call their very own, I get a twinge of envy inside.  I want this so badly.  But I've been thinking a lot about this and have come to the conclusion that maybe it's not so bad to be second...or 15th...or even last (as it seems in my case.)

As everyone has gotten married after me, I have noticed things I wish I could have done differently for my own wedding.  But you see, I didn't have much experience to draw upon so I did my best to blaze the trail for others.  And now it's their turn to blaze the trail for me.  All I have to do is observe bits and pieces everywhere I go of what I want my house to look like.  What I want the exterior and interior to look like.  What I want in a yard.  It's really very exciting to observe the homes of my friends and acquaintances and pick and choose little aspects that I love about their homes that I will incorporate into my own someday.  Gradually, I am developing a dream, a blueprint, so to speak, of what I want my home to be and how I will best make it into my very own little cottage.

And so for the next few days I will dream.  I will record my dreams here with pictures and words.  And then when the time comes for me to start searching for our perfect home, I will know what I am looking for.  I hope you can dream too. Dream of what you want in the far away future.  Dream of what you can do now to your current abode to make it as lovable as possible. 

Just Dream...
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