Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Past Homes (Chapter 3)

This one isn't really in the's right here, right now.

Bright Cavern
You may think it funny that we name our homes, but when I do this, I feel more attached to the beautiful place that houses my family.
I call this one Bright Cavern because it is our first basement apartment, and yet, it is still quite light.  I literally feel like I am living in a bright cavern.

Before we moved in, I snapped some photos of the house.
After #1 (Oct 09):

After #2 (May 10):
This was right after I refinished an old desk, hutch, and buffet.  (I also did a dresser for the boys but I don't have pictures yet.)

After #3 (Jul 10):
Many of the same pictures, but the decor has been changed a little.
 My make our home into a temple.  I think I'll always be working on increasing the spirit in our home, but I hope I'm a little closer to making our surroundings more temple-like.



Ok. the picture of you two on the table with the dishes is so cute!!!

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